Caesar Has Won


I never really thought this could happen. I understand the rightful rise of antiestablishment politics, but I feel that this is very much a devastating showcase of the fragility of democracy. In dire times extremists and populists always rise up, and in a country where half the population is poor this electoral result should not be too much of a surprise considering his establishment opponent. His VP is even more terrifying to me. While Trump is an incompetent non-thinker, Mike Pence is a smart, hardliner with a very religious and creationist bent. I really did think our country would not get duped like this. This is the American Brexit. Leaders like Trump are rising everywhere(Britain, France, Philippines, Greece). Brace for impact. Caesar has won.


El Sueño y los Regresivos


The Left used to champion reason, science, and liberal principles, and for the large part still does. This faction of knee jerk, reactionary, and slanderous individuals has always seemed to exist, but now have multiplied. Many call them the “Regressive” Left, those who do not care about truth, only about social narrative. They constantly misrepresent, slander, defend irrationality and authoritarian ideas, demean individuality, wish to police thought and stifle conversation. They are also notable for upholding a cult of non-offense, and the need to not allow certain ideas to be challenged. The result is an echo chamber effect wherein everybody says the same thing. The Left needs to wake up from it’s slumber, which it is in the beginnings of. Above all else here, we need to defend liberal principles and reason. This cartoon is based on the famous, “El Sueño de la Razón” cartoon by one of my artistic heroes, Francisco de Goya.