Erdogan’s Erosion of Turkish Democracy and Secularism: Post Failed Coup

Coup Excuse

President Recip Tayip Erdogan has begun to increase his power grab on the nation of Turkey, using the recent failed split military coup d’état against his as pretext. While helping to boost the Turkish economy, Erdogan has been endlessly been trying to change Turkey from a Kemalist, secular, republic into an islamist theocracy.

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Humorless Birds of a Feather



Humorless Birds of a Feather

It seems to me that many catholics are just as easily offended by jokes as many muslims!

Recently, the famous weekly French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo published it’s one year anniversary issue after the tragic jihadist attack at the publication’s headquarters. The magazine features an image of God running away, firearm strapped to his back and covered in blood. The caption reads in French, “One year after: The assassin is still out there.”


Charlie, Hebdo’s cover, by Riss.

The Vatican’s reaction? Hardly unexpected.The Vatican newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, called the cartoon, “woeful”, and lambasted against the magazine’s “uncompromising secularism.” They criticized Charlie Hebdo for what they have always done: make fun of religion (last year the cartoonists got killed for it.) (Rosie Scammell, Religion News Service) Their complaints come to us as no surprise considering the Pope’s reaction when the attack occurred, in which he essentially said that the cartoonists provoked the attack on themselves by saying that insulting one’s faith was akin to insulting one’s mother, and was deserving of at least a punch (Josephine McKenna, Religion News Service).

The recent comments also fall in line by the criticism last year from Bill Donahue of the Catholic League, who said that the cartoonists were not in fact satirists, but “pornographers.” (Fox News).

What next? Complaints of Catholicophobia?


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