Erdogan’s Erosion of Turkish Democracy and Secularism: Post Failed Coup

Coup Excuse

President Recip Tayip Erdogan has begun to increase his power grab on the nation of Turkey, using the recent failed split military coup d’état against his as pretext. While helping to boost the Turkish economy, Erdogan has been endlessly been trying to change Turkey from a Kemalist, secular, republic into an islamist theocracy.

Some great material to read further on the matter would be the following:

silly sultan scan

Brexiting off the Globe

Brexit from the world economy

Brexiting off the Globe



I use to be completely against the idea of the European Union. What does a person from France have in common with a person in Lithuania? However, since the night of the Brexit, my mind immediately changed when I really dug into the subject. Yes, the EU is a weird, bureaucratic mess, complex, and is in a rough spot economically as of now. However, I have come to realize that a United Europe is the way forward, because of the nature of the free trade across all these countries, the securement of human rights, freedom of movement, and the coming together of nations once literally at war. I makes me think of the United States, with vastly different cultures across the states, and yet things mostly work.

The British, blinded by nationalism and jingoistic rhetoric from the likes of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, have exited one of the largest trading blocks in the world. Britain will now be less involved in the world, as globalization is inevitable and must be embraced. This was essentially a protest vote, with dire consequences.

Le Mangue



This is my homage to one of the best caricaturists and cartoonists ever, Honoré Daumier. This is both a visual allusion to his famous cartoon, “Les Poires”(The Pears), depicting the then King Louie Philippe of France in 1831.

This caricature is a depicting of current Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro. Mauro is the successor of power following the death of previous “president” Hugo Chavez. Although Chavez had his own horrible track record on human rights and clamping down on the press when they challenged his vision of an authoritarian socialist Venezuela, Maduro has gone after the opposition almost more violently, using a private militia called the Colectivos to threaten or even kill members of the opposition (VICE).

Recently there have been a string of strange occurrences of Venezuelans throwing yellow mangos at Maduro, often with written demands of new apartments( This seemed a fitting story to center this cartoon on, by drawing Maduro as the embodiment of giving favors to his Chavista supporters among the population. He is saying, “Soy Maduro, pero no estoy maduro”, a play on the double use of “maduro”, meaning, “ripe”, or the president’s name. He is Maduro, but not a ripe or mature one.

Vive Daumier.


The Rise…


In Europe right now there is an ugly resurgence of the far right in Europe. Many of these groups show fascist and authoritarian tendencies, but also play to populist fears against minorities. Part of their rise is related to the recent strain of terror attacks throughout Europe, but also of the Left’s refusal to allow an honest conversation on islamism spreading through a Secular Europe. These far right groups include Marine Le Pen of the Front Nationale, PAGIDA, and others. They threaten Europe’s future and society as a liberal, free, civilized, pluralist, and secular region of the world.