Caesar Has Won


I never really thought this could happen. I understand the rightful rise of antiestablishment politics, but I feel that this is very much a devastating showcase of the fragility of democracy. In dire times extremists and populists always rise up, and in a country where half the population is poor this electoral result should not be too much of a surprise considering his establishment opponent. His VP is even more terrifying to me. While Trump is an incompetent non-thinker, Mike Pence is a smart, hardliner with a very religious and creationist bent. I really did think our country would not get duped like this. This is the American Brexit. Leaders like Trump are rising everywhere(Britain, France, Philippines, Greece). Brace for impact. Caesar has won.


The Rise…


In Europe right now there is an ugly resurgence of the far right in Europe. Many of these groups show fascist and authoritarian tendencies, but also play to populist fears against minorities. Part of their rise is related to the recent strain of terror attacks throughout Europe, but also of the Left’s refusal to allow an honest conversation on islamism spreading through a Secular Europe. These far right groups include Marine Le Pen of the Front Nationale, PAGIDA, and others. They threaten Europe’s future and society as a liberal, free, civilized, pluralist, and secular region of the world.